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Patricia Teherán
Jan. 16, 1970
- Jan. 19, 1995
 Keeping the memory of Patricia Teherán alive!

"Only a few weeks before Patricia and her all female Vallenato band "The Goddesses" "Las Diosas" , were scheduled to give what was expected to be a triumphant performance at the International Festival of Caribbean Music in Cartagena, Colombia, tragedy struck: the young , vivacious singer with a hit record was killed in a motorcycle accident. When I arrived in Cartagena for the concert, this bitter sweet song was playing over and over, on the radio, from every jukebox and in every record store. "I met you too late" " Tarde lo conocí ", goes the refrain - Patricia was referring in her song to the married man she's fallen for, but sadly, she was singing for all all of the fans, like me, who discovered this talented singer only after her voice fell silent." por: Daisann McLane

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